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Our Process

Choose your ADU design and find the contractor to build it in one process. We provide free tools and resources that help you get started with your ADU project. Order ADU Services to speed up the design and permitting of your ADU directly through the platform.


Check your property and learn about the general requirements for an ADU in your city.


Place & view 3D ADU models on your property with Design Studio.


Get free consultations and post your designs to The ADU Marketplace to get estimates for your project.


Get started now with pay as you go ADU Services to expedite the design and permit process.

What Types of ADUs?

Use the ADU Marketplace to decide what type of ADU works best for your property and your needs.


Most popular are detached ADUs in the backyards, think of granny flats, in-law units. Attached ADUs and expansions also fall into this category.


Most homes are able to convert existing space of some sort into an ADU, be it a garage, an extra bedroom, or a basement. Some cities also allow Junior ADUs, so check your city to learn more.


If your property already has an ADU of some sort you should consider adopting it to code and legalize it. For rental, safety and in case you want to sell your property.

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Join the ADU Marketplace to browse ADU designs for your property, get contractor estimates, and get help moving your project forward. Check your property to get started!