Accelerating the ADU Movement in California

Everything you need to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit in California. Check your property to learn your zoning requirements, estimate costs, and design your ADU. Then, apply for permits and meet local professionals who can help from start to finish on the ADU Marketplace.

Check your local ADU requirements

Planning to convert your garage or use your backyard to add an in-law unit? The State of California has passed new legislation (SB 1069 and AB 2299) which gives homeowners the right to develop Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on most single family properties, effectively doubling the housing potential of these residences.

Why build an ADU?

Building a new ADU or converting existing space can be a smart investment for many single family homeowners in California. Adding living space, appreciating property value, generating rental income and helping solve the housing crunch, one unit at a time are just a few reasons that building an ADU can be an excellent move. Use the city search bar above to learn about the ADU process in your city.

  • Flexible space for your family & friends
  • Appreciate your property's value
  • Generate extra rental income
  • Create new housing one yard at a time


The unit is completely separate from the primary home. Great solution for maintaining privacy for an rental unit.


The unit is attached to the primary home. Flexible solution to expand the size of your residence and add a second unit.

Interior Conversion

Existing space is converted into seperate living space. Commonly called Junior ADUs, some can share amenities with the primary home.

Structure Conversion

Transform an existing secondary structure. Building on top of a garage is an option in certain areas too.

Planning to build an ADU?

The ADU Marketplace makes it easy to get started with your project for less cost, and without committing to contractors before your ready. Whether you're just starting to research or you already have a plan to build your ADU, find everything you need build your ADU project. Use free and pay as you go ADU Services to help with the design and permitting process. Check your property and get started today!

Go to ADU Marketplace to get started:

  1. Find your city to view local ADU zoning and design requirements.
  2. Check your property to view cost estimates and ADU designs, 3D models and floor plans.
  3. Join ADU Marketplace, Design Studio and Project Bucket via private homeowner dashboard.
  4. Design and build your ADU with assistance at every step. Pay as you go, designs, permitting and cost estimates on the ADU Marketplace. Get started for lower costs and without contract commitments to move your ADU project forward faster.

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