Accelerating the ADU Movement in California

Everything you need to know about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in California, in one place. Check your zoning requirements, estimate costs, and meet local professionals who can help you expedite the process.

Check the requirements for ADUs in your city...

Interested in converting a garage into a second unit or permitting an existing in-law unit? The State of California has implemented new legislation (SB 1069 and AB 2299) which allows homeowners to develop Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on most single-family properties. The state law requires cities to allow ADUs to be built in nearly all single family zones, effectively doubling the housing potential of these residences. Search your city to check your local zoning and learn about the ADU potential of your property.

Why build an ADU?

Building a new ADU, or legalizing an existing one, can be an excellent investment. It adds squarefootage to your home, which will appreciate the value of your property and provide you with extra cash flow if you choose to rent out the space. Use the city search bar above to learn more about the process in your area.

  • Flexible space for family and friends
  • Appreciate property value
  • Generate rental income
  • Create new housing one yard at a time


The unit is completely separate from the primary home. Great solution for maintaining privacy for an rental unit.


The unit is attached to the primary home. Flexible solution to expand the size of your residence and add a second unit.

Interior Conversion

Existing space is converted into seperate living space. Commonly called Junior ADUs, some can share amenities with the primary home.

Structure Conversion

Transform an existing secondary structure. Building on top of a garage is an option in certain areas too.

Planning to build an ADU?

Hausable provides information and resources to expedite the ADU development process. The best first step you can take, is to plan your project well. This can (and should) take time. No matter what stage you are at in the process, our mission is to provide you information and resources to make the process easier and more efficent.

How can we help?

If you're just getting started with your ADU project, you've come the the right place. Hausable provides homeowners with tools and resources that can help you get started with your project on the right track.


Check your property to get insights about it's ADU potential.


View 3D ADU designs on your property, DIY.


Store project designs and files in one place.


Access the local marketplace to connect with professionals specialized in ADUs.


Expedite the planning and design process for your ADU project.

Learn about The ADU Process:



  • Research Your City's Zoning & Permitting Process
  • Preliminary Design and Site-Evaluation (these can be DIY)
  • Zoning and Property Verification
  • Professional Consultations (eg. Site Visits)
  • Budgeting & Estimates to Get Started

  • STEP 1


  • Finalize Design Concepts
  • Construction Engineering
  • Material Selection & Specification
  • Produce Construction Documents

  • STEP 2


  • Submit Project Application
  • Preliminary Planning Review (correct changes)
  • Building & Safety Review (correct changes)
  • Any Special Reviews Required
  • Approval of Building Permit

  • STEP 3


  • Process Depending on Design & Contractor (eg. Conversion or New Construction)*

  • * Discuss with your contractor the typical phases of their construction or rennovation process

    It's simple, check your property to get started!

    Check the requirements for ADUs in your city...