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New laws in California are now making it easier for homeowners to add ADUs on their properties. Hausable provides all the resources you need to get started on your project.

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Why Build an ADU?

Better known as guest houses, basement apartments and garage conversions, ADUs provide space for friends & family, generate rental income, increase property value and help solve the growing housing crunch in cities.

  • Flexible space for you, your friends and family
  • Appreciate your property value
  • Generate rental income
  • Help solve the housing crunch (one home at a time)


The unit is separated from the primary structure.


The unit is attached to the primary structure.

Repurpose / JADU

Space within the primary residence is converted into a separate apartment.

Garage Conversion

Transform or expand your existing garage.

Find Your City Page

Learn about the zoning for ADUs in your city and how it applies to your property. Then, when you're ready to start your project, come back to connect with local professionals who can help with financing, permitting and construction for your project.

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